What form of payment do you accept?
What is the sign-up process?
Do you offer 24/7 technical support?
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Does your staff work 24/7?


What kind of servers are you using?
Do you support Microsoft FrontPage Extensions or Dreamweaver?
Do you support Active Server Pages (ASP) or Cold Fusion?
Do you host international domain names?
Do you provide domain name parking?
Do you allow adult material?
Are there any setup fees?
Will you place advertisements on my site?
Can I access my site with and without the www?
Can I register a domain name only?
How long does it take for my account to be active?
Do your servers run UNIX or Windows?
Do you provide shell access?
What kind of technical support do you provide?
What do you consider excessive resource use?


Do you need to escort me into my Colocation space?
Is the facility monitored?
How long does your generator last?
Can I request A & B power feeds?
How do you hand power off to me?
Can I have a private suite or cage?
Do you provide cabinets?
Is there a maximum amount of power per rack or cabinet?
Can I tour your facility?

Dedicated Servers

I’m new to dedicated servers, what exactly are they?
Are these servers managed?
How do I access my server?
How long does it take to provision my order?
Can I ship you a Hard Disk or CD with my data?
Do you offer Remote Reboot?
What happens if my server fails?