Our Partners

With thousands of customers utilizing or services, it has been the successful relationship between our partners and our team that have given us this great success.

As an Approved Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) member, HostMDS allows your organization to grow as it is required.

There is no longer the requirement for the end user to provide licensing, and worry about cumbersome reporting to your licensing department or suppliers. HostMDS will handle all your deliverables for any licensing needs.

All Microsoft servers ranging from Windows 2008 Server, SQL Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007 / 2010, SharePoint Server, Speech Server, Project Server, Forms Server and much more are available within hours of your order to be installed and provisioned.

And, as your business continues to involve, HostMDS can quickly deploy new applications, additional licenses within hours to your hosted infrastructure.

As RIM's Blackberry Enterprise Server is a critical component to organizations daily communication requirements, HostMDS has the ability to deploy your requirements in a Shared BES environment, or a dedicated BES environment.

Shared Environments allow your organization to quickly utilize our Hosted Exchange and Hosted Blackberry platforms that are available for quick deployment.

A dedicated environment is for organizations that require the upmost data protection, and want full control of all policies and security standards that are deployed on the hosted environment.

Utilizing primarily Cisco infrastructure in all of the Managed Server Solutions infrastructure, HostMDS has the ability to allow seamless integration with endless technology requirements.

VPN, QoS, Network Intrusion Detection and VoIP are all services that can be guaranteed to our Clientele with the implementation of Cisco Certified Solutions within your managed solution.

Cisco has been a long standing partner with HostMDS as it also is the core technology behind the entire Data Center infrastructure.

With a growing demand for Asterisk based servers, HostMDS utilizes custom install procedures to ensure that reliable QoS servers are deployed.

VoIP platforms have continued to grow over the years, and with a reliable and resilient Network in place, HostMDS delivers uptime guaranteed!

As the leader of computer microprocessors, Intel has been the standard choice for all server deployments.

With the latest Intel Xeon and Intel Itanium processors in our managed server infrastructure, reliability is not questioned.

From mission critical Itanium processors, high availability Xeon processors, HostMDS can help you select the best option for your specific needs.

With the latest AMD Phenom / Athlon processors, client that demand AMD will be provided exactly that.

When clients have custom requirements for specific applications, or hardware compatibility issues, AMD is a partner that can deliver.

HostMDS has built a relationship with AMD to provide our clients a seamless migration to a Managed Server Solution.

With mission critical data residing on hosted infrastructure, Real Time Data Protection is no longer an option.

With R1Soft, HostMDS has the ability to implement full time RDP technology within minutes to any of your organizations hosted servers.

With the ability to take sector level changes every 5 minutes, and store the data on our redundant backup SAN's, HostMDS will ensure that your data is safely stored on Canadian soil, in Canadian Data Center facilities.

With the leading Control Panel application within the hosting industry, HostMDS has standardized on CPanel to deliver a robust and scalable hosting platform.

Allowing clients to have their own interface to perform every task at their own fingertips, CPanel allows the client to manage their own infrastructure, on a shared environment.

HostMDS.com Coupons on tjoos.com Working with a leader in the Online Coupon business, Tjoos.com assists HostMDS in promoting their services to a global reach.

This globally renown service allows prospective clients form around the global to review all special promotions that are currently offered, and read reviews from the public on their expeiriences with HostMDS.
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