Colocation Facilities in Canada

With multiple colocation facilities in Toronto, Ontario Canada, HostMDS offers solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our Primary facility is located in Vaughan, Ontario. This facility is located 20 minutes north of Toronto and is designed as a Tier 2 data center. The facility is catered to clients that are looking for multiple cabinet colocation. This environment has private cage facilities, as well as private suite facilities for those clients that require a completly enclosed facility for their own operation. Vaughan has N+1 Diesel Generation, multiple fiber optic carriers, wireless backup fiber facilities, multiple power feeds, and a VESDA / FM200 fire suppression system.

Our Secondary facility, is located within 151 Front Street in Toronto, Ontario Canada. This carrier neutral facility acts as a central hub to the eastern seaboard of North America. 151 Front Street's cross connect facilities are designed for carrier neutral operations and has vast amounts of national, international and local carriers. (Tata, MCI, XO, Sprint, Shaw, Global Crossings, AT&T, and much more). Within 151 Front Street, HostMDS has access to all Teir 1 carriers, colocation facilities, access to Meet Me Rooms and much more. All the facilities that are accessible within our 151 Front Street colocation facilities are also available at our Vaughan colocation facility.

To read more about our Data Center facilities and all of the specifications, please visit the HostMDS Data Center documentation page.

For organizations seeking a secondary or backup facility for disaster planning or business continuity, HostMDS can provide you with connectivity solutions and hosted colocation facilities to ensure business and application survival. To read more about our Business Continuity and Disaster Planning services, click here.

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Main Features
Carrier Neutral
1/4 Cabinet
1/2 Cabinet
Full Cabinet Promo
Monthly Price $599.95/mo $499.95/mo $599.95/mo $799.95/mo
Setup Fee $0 $0 $0 $0
IP Allocation (Requires ARIN Justification) As Needed As Needed As Needed As Needed
Space Tolerance 42U Enclosed 10U Enclosed 22U Enclosed 42U Enclosed
Bandwidth Access N/A 100Mbps Access 100Mbps Access 100Mbps Access
Bandwidth Commit Rate N/A 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps
Bandwidth Over Usage N/A $35 / Mbps $35 / Mbps $35 / Mbps
Switch Ports N/A 1 1 1
Power 1x 110v 10 Amp 1x 110v 10 Amp 1x 110v 10 Amp 1x 110v 10 Amp
Setup Time 4 Hours 4 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours
Contract Yes - 12 Months Month To Month Yes - 12 Months Yes - 12 Months
Note: **Over Usage is billed at utilizing the 95th Percentile Billing Method on a monthly basis.

About Our Colocation Facility

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Optimized BGP Edge Routing
  • 4 Fiber Optic Tier-1 Upstream Providers Fiber
  • 2 Gigabit Wireless Upstream Providers (For Further Redundancy)
  • Cisco Powered Network
  • Actively Accepting Network Peers from TORIX
  • 24/7 On-site NOC
  • Raised Floors
  • UPS Battery Backup
  • Redundant AC Cooling
  • Diesel Power Generator with 7 Day Onsite Supply
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To receive a customized quotation for your specific needs, click here.
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